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Guest Post Acquisition and Follow Up

Shoutout to @dr_pete for helping inspire this post. See our Twitter convo.

I expect this process to be consistently updated as others give input and make suggestions on how to make it more efficient. With that I have added a change log at the bottom of the post so that you can see the evolution of a work process.

Concept > Creation > Implementation > Feedback > Revision

The Process

  • Define a niche
  • Find a relevant site
  • Find the most active writer/webmaster on the site
  • Find their Twitter profile, follow them
  • Find the primary time(s) in the day they are socially active
  • Find the “sweet spot” when they are not interacting with alot with others (or at work) but are still posting updates
  • Over one (1) week contact them in a relevant, meaningful way at least twice (2) a day.
  • Attempt to add them on Linked In after you’ve built rapport.
    • Easier to find them again for future contact than on Twitter
    • Linked In is a good gauge for whether or not they truely value your connection (People “generally” closely value their Linked In connections).
  • Once added on Linked In talk to them about a guest blog post.
    • Conceive an idea
    • Pitch the post idea
    • Get feedback
      • Proceed with post
      • Reconceptualize post topic
        • Pitch new idea
    • Get final approval
    • Post that beast!
    • Check back for comments
      • First (1) week
      • Second (2) week
      • Third (3) week
      • Sixth (6) week

      Post Change Log

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